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2 million repeat visitors cannot be wrong?  Okay, so salmon do not count but here’s what some humans are saying:

CNN choose Bear Camp as the number 2 thing to do on the planet in October.  We finished second only to Oktoberfest in Munich.

Travel & Leisure magazine picked our multisport trip as the Top 50 Trips in the World.  But don’t take our word for it.  Author Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote the best-selling Eat, Pray, Love eloquently describes her experience with us at Chilko Lake in her article for Travel & Leisure Magazine:

“Chilko Lake, which adjoins the Chilko River, is a rare find. A 55-mile long, 1000-foot deep, clear-as-truth, miracle of glacial run-off, buried deep in the mountains that Americans call the Cascades and Canadians refer to as the Coastal Range.  Bear Camp is the wonderful gateway to this incredible waterway and offers many excursions into the park for sightseeing, hiking, kayaking and wildlife viewing as well as adventures – like rafting, kayaking and fishing – revolving around the Chilko River that runs through it.”

—Author Elizabeth Gilbert

Happy Bear Camp Group

More reviews of Bear Camp and the Chilko River expedition:

Happy Canoe-ers

“The guides were all fabulous; very hard working and fun to hang out with…Food was good. Breakfast (the healthy stuff) was awesome.”
—Kirk Davenport ~ New York, NY
“Brian McCutcheon clearly knows how to do this trip from top to bottom. His experience and leadership was key to making this a great experience for all of us.”
—Severn Sandt ~ New York, NY
“The guides were exceptional. They went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable and meaningful every moment along the way. They deserve your greatest confidence, and without doubt they are your most valuable asset in furthering your business. Also, the food was extraordinary. Again, the safety consciousness of the guides was reassuring. They spoke honestly about the inherent risks and gave excellent instruction about what to do in various circumstances.”
—Dale Griffith ~ Barrington, IL

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for providing Randy and I with an amazing experience.  I was thinking about the highs and low’s and I wanted to tell you that my itch to get back to the river was definitely satisfied and there are several highs throughout the week from getting to stay a night at Bear Camp, to getting to take the Duckies down the river, to our prime camping spot at Big Creek, to getting to go through crazy big water during a hail and rain storm, to the great meals, even the hike (which I’m amazed I’m saying since I’m definitely not a hiker), but the number one high on my list was the staff.  You, Ashley and the crew at Bear Camp greeted us with such enthusiasm and made us feel comfortable and welcome the minute we saw you. You have such a refreshing balance between humour, seriousness, and just plain down to earthiness that honestly I have to say the staff (particularly you and James since we spent the week with you) are what made this such a memorable experience for us.  So thank you for doing what you do.  Randy and I will be recommending you guys to everybody we know and we hope that we have an opportunity to join you again one day on another adventure.

Laura and Randy Collins, Texas

The weather was perfect and we learned so much about beautiful British Columbia and the wonderful city of Vancouver. It was the perfect place to start and end the adventure of a lifetime. Please pass on our best wishes to the crew as we became good friends and that made our trip all the better.”
—Dave Borge ~Hoosick Falls, NY

Thank you both and your team for this wonderful trip.  It was great and my friends and I enjoyed it very much.  This rafting expedition exceeded all my expectations.  I was continually impressed by the way you had the trip organized to provide both rafting safety and guest service on a very high level.  It was one of the best outdoor guided trips I ever had in my life.

We just got back  2 days ago.  Today I am wading through my emails and catching up with stuff at home and at work but keep looking at your website and thinking what other trip we can take with your team?  I guess the only person around me now feeling sad about this Chilko trip is my wife for not joining us.  She has seen our trip pictures and videos and heard the stories and now she regrets her decision not to go.  I guess I will have to make it up for her sooner or later and I hope it will be with the ROAM again.

Take care guys, all the best to you and your company and thank you a lot!  It was the trip of my life.

Petr Vodnak, British Columbia, Canada