No way! You wanted more, and we are delivering!




In 2017 we are bringing you more of the good stuff! Thanks to all of your love and attention, the Chilko Family has expanded, and we are so excited to introduce to you, “The Bear Den”.


Bear Camp is pleased to now be exclusive to our multi-sport & safari guests and we are lovingly sending our Chilko river-running friends to live downstream at our NEW riverside camp. Yes, there is now more room to ROAM for our Chilko expedition paddlers.   Will you miss Bear Camp? Well, you still arrive to a pre-set camp, the boats still launch right from the property, and you still have all the camp camaraderie, delicious meals, and guides that you know and love. There is still time to explore Chilko Lake and hike Mt Tullin or kayak around the islands by Bear Camp.


But, hey, if you really want to spend more time at Bear Camp exploring the lake, fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, enjoying yoga, flush toilets and hot showers, no one could blame you, and you are always welcome! Just book a 3-night Bear Camp extension before you launch on your 7 night Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser trip. And you can have it both ways.


Can’t wait to see you there!

Ashley & Brian